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About Cheri

I have a background in TV News, but my entrepreneurial spirit pulled me to become an Inventor.  A few years ago, I was at a family pool party tanning on a pool float. Like most 21 year olds, I wanted a quick, beautiful, all over tan. I asked my mom if I could use her tanning accelerator lotion, but she told me the bottle was empty. That’s when I started thinking of a solution.  First of all, I realized since I was on a flimsy float the water would have washed off my lotion anyway. I then got to thinking that lotion is greasy and expensive to keep buying. So lying right there in the water, I came up with the idea for Luminous Envy. Finally, there is way to tan more comfortably outdoors all months of the year. I immediately called a Patent attorney.

I am now the Inventor and President of Luminous Envy, LLC. I have successfully invented the first-ever tanning bed you can inflate, deflate and take anywhere with you. Luminous Envy has been picked up by” As Seen On TV”, and sold nationwide. My dream has turned into a reality, but my ultimate goal is to continue my journey as a motivational speaker and Invention Consultant. I not only want to motivate, but INSPIRE others to realize their passion and take risks to achieve their goals. I am currently working one on one with several inventors to bring their product to market. The Invention process is no easy route, so I only take on a limited amount of clients each year. I want to be able to help everyone, so I created an Invention online course that will show you how to go from idea to retail on your own. I am always happy to respond to questions, so feel free to contact me!