cheri-whiteI have a background in News, but my entrepreneurial spirit pulled me to become an Inventor. At 23, I invented the first-ever tanning bed you can inflate, deflate and take with you, and I received my first shipment of inventory in June 2011. Luminous Envy has been picked up by “As Seen On TV”, Leslie’s Pool, and many other pool supply retailers. I FINALLY obtained the patent rights on September 26, 2013. My dream has turned into a reality, but my ultimate goal is to continue my journey as an motivational speaker and Invention Consultant. I recently became the Co-Inventor of an App called RentEval. I won a pitch competition that allowed me to get an investment to launch the new technology. cheri-steveShortly after, I flew out to Chicago to tape a segment with Steve Harvey about my Entrepreneur roller coaster journey. Feel free to search for it on youtube! Now I help other Inventors go from idea to product. Once we get their product on the market, I use my experience from working in the TV business to get my clients media attention to create a buzz. I not only want to motivate, but INSPIRE others to realize their passion and take risks to achieve their goals.It is my personal challenge to be apart of helping others make their wildest entrepreneur dreams come true!